Removing Duplicate Swimmers and Syncing Times

How do I remove duplicate swimmers and sync times with past seasons?

How to remove the duplicates and sync their times

Use the De-Duplicate Athletes tool in Manage Team > Settings > Data Maintenance to review and merge potential duplicate athlete records.

 How SwimTopia matches swimmer records during registration

During registration, SwimTopia automatically syncs a swimmer's imported roster and meet result data with the new registration data, matching them by their name AND birthday.

Why duplicate swimmer records are created

Sometimes swimmers are registered with a different name (nickname -> legal name) or birthday (data entry error) than what was imported. In these cases, SwimTopia will create a new swimmer record instead of inadvertently overwriting an unrelated swimmer. 

For example, Jenny's 2010-2013 results are imported as:

  • First name: Jenny
  • Preferred name:
  • Middle name:
  • Last name: Smith
  • Birthday: Jan 1, 2000

But her new registration looks like this: 

  • First name: Jennifer
  • Preferred name: Jenny
  • Middle name: Lynn
  • Last name: Smith
  • Birthday: Jan 1, 2000

How to identify duplicates

You probably won’t need to do this any longer with the new Data Maintenance tool…

Often parents will point out right away when their swimmer's past results times or past season affiliations with your team do not show up in their account.

Admins can also identify possible duplicated swimmers by looking for similar names in the "Years On Team Report" in Manage Team > Reports. This report lists cumulative number of years on your team, even if a swimmer skips a season. Again, Jenny Smith might show 4 years on your team, but Jennifer Smith will only have 1.

Another way to accomplish this is to review the ”Rookie Athlete Report” with the “Non-returning Athlete Report”. Obviously, a swimmer couldn’t be on both.

Compare those two profiles in Manage Team > People to determine if you have an unsynced swimmer.  

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