What does “email address has already been taken” mean?

It means exactly that! In other words, it’s not a bug but a notification. SwimTopia uses email addresses as the login rather than some made-up identity because email addresses are guaranteed to be unique. While it’s possible for people to share an email address (theflintstones@bedrock.org) there can only be one such email address in existence, much like a mailing address.

SwimTopia does a pretty good job of matching people, using first and last names plus the email address during registration to find existing registrants. There’s one circumstance that can prevent this from working properly and that’s when a registration is incomplete—that is, the registrant has not completed a registration and has abandoned the process. Otherwise, if the first and last names are identical to other registrations, the system automatically manages things. So if the information isn’t identical—“Samuel” in one instance and “Sam” in another, or more commonly, Wilma registered with the “theflintstones” address one year and Fred is trying to use it this year (or on a different SwimTopia team).

If you’re seeing this message: try searching for the email address in People (using the previous season, for example). If that doesn’t work, there’s a secret handshake to find incomplete registrations.

  1. Go to your Registrations page in Manage Team.
  2. Find the Registration you’re using and click the “View Registrations” button.
  3. Click any one of the sub-tabs (Pending/Approved/Rejected).
  4. Look in the url field of your browser (where you type "google.com”). It’ll be something like this:
  5. Change the last part from
    (or whatever) to
  6. Find the registration that needs completing and copy the link from the “Resume” button or click that button and copy the link from the url field and send that to the family so they can complete their registration

Or contact your friendly customer happiness person via help@swimtopia.com and provide the email address that’s proving troublesome along with as much other information as possible so we can find the person in our system and clean things up. No screen shots are required.

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